Williams cut every corner he could ‘til he was left with a perfect circle of doubt and self loathing. Williams, his boss would say, what the Hell is your purpose on this Earth?

Williams had a pin-on badge with a big black mark where his soul should be.

Williams had to deal with customers and co-workers and deadlines and the dead end that was his job and by proxy, his life. Every day his throat tightened when he talked. Tongue tied, he had trouble telling the truth and had long since run out of good lies. He settled for bullshit and hated every minute of it. You wouldn’t like Williams, but neither does he.

Williams was driving home one night, exhausted from all the words and the work and the work he had to do with the words. He made a mistake, ended up on the wrong road.

On one Earth he got to a roundabout and spun back.

On another, he just kept driving.

The first saw himself in his rearview mirror, and started to cry.